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For the Private Equity Firms

L&E Partners consistently brings value to private equity firms by introducing qualified, high caliber, C-level industry experts.

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For the Executives

L&E Partners looks for entrepreneurial professionals with creative vision, skill and proven experience within specific industry sectors.

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Services We Provide

Edith Young

At L&E Partners, we act in an ongoing, consultative role to provide quality C-level executive and investment introductions, thereby increasing new business development opportunities for the private equity community, our clients.

With the support of our seasoned research team, we proactively bring value to private equity firms in the form of continuous qualified introductions, each presented in a confidential and timely manner.

At L&E Partners, our belief is that partnerships are grown, not born.

Prospective investment opportunities arise during our collaboration with an executive who has a specific business thesis or plan in mind which we can then migrate to an actionable strategy with specific target acquisitions. Our private equity-centric model enables us to make meaningful introductions of potential transactions to our clients, as we fully understand our clients’ respective investment criteria.

Connecting firms with talent is one thing – connecting them with tenured executives who bring knowledge, sector experience and functional expertise is quite another. At L&E Partners, we focus on the latter and our singular private equity focus allows us to successfully pair these executives with the optimal private equity partners.

We carefully match each executive’s skill set, industry expertise and interests with the investment focus of our private equity clients and throughout the process maintain frequent contact with both clients and executives to affect the most successful outcome.